Prosperity not shared is worth but half its value - Cicero
  • gomenu - [link to gomenu] This is a bash shell script that builds and allows editing of menus on the commandline
  • newspaper-hugo-subtheme - [link to newspaper-hugo-subtheme] This project allows you to add a newspaper look and feel theme to an existing hugo website.
  • myfiles: [discontinued] this is an older php project which allows html control of direcotries for file upload or download - not available publically
  • myphile: [discontinued] this is an old php project that I wrote years ago to manage mysql flat file databases - I use adminer now

More to share …

  • .vimrc - ask
  • .screenrc - ask
  • .bashrc - ask
  • raspberry pi - ask
  • web development - ask

I also trade very conservative stock market options (Cash secured puts and covered calls) and I have scripts that help me track my activities and research. It is a topic I am glad to discuss but my scripts are very tuned to my personal preferences.

I have a strong understanding of linux/unix fundamental and I am always eager to share related ideas and information.