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Using a generic git pre-commit hook

on October 7, 2018

test_it && commit_it || reject_it

Using a pre-commit script when committing code makes sense and fits with every respectable dev-ops model. The goal is to have respectable code before it lands in a repository. Git makes this very easy through the use of “hooks”. If you look in any of your git project directories you will find these files in the ./.git/hooks/ directory:

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on August 8, 2018

VIM is a standard for me. My UNIX career hung on my “vi” savvy which I learned appreciate from mentors who encouraged me to learn the tips and tricks of using vi. My learning curve with vi/vim has never leveled off, but rather, always gives me new features and tricks that energize me again. The latest vim “trick” is ALE (Asynchronous Lint Engine).

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Vim Scriptable Templates

on July 15, 2018

Dynamic vim Templates

Vim (or vi in the anceint past) has been my partner in getting things done. Like an rich tool it has lots of features that go untapped or undiscovered. A few days ago I decided I wanted a script within a tempate to help build the “front matter” to my markdown (.md) files.

The front matter looks like this:

author = ""
comments = true
date = "2018-07-15 14:45:19"
draft = false
image = ""
share = true
# slug = 
# tags = [ "tag1", "tag2" ]
title = "vim_scriptable_templates"


The challenge was to have vim write in the date for me in the needed format. And if you use hugo as your static web site generator as I do you may have found that it will silently ignore a new markdown file if the date is not formated correctly. It some testing to discover that but the bottom line is that I needed a way to script it for to avoid mistakes.

Research to me to this tip source: vim embedded scripts

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