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Quick-n-Dirty python3 tools =>

By gwm on August 30, 2022

A Quick-n-Dirty Python3 Toolbox can be downloaded from: (

I wrote these tools over the past many years. Many others deserve credit as I have learned much from so many.

My desire is to have a set of tools available to me from one file that can get frequently needed functions done for me without hassle or having to look things up all the time. Over the years these tools have evolved into fairly decent and flexible code blocks that also satisfy my need for a bit of color and ANSI-coded boxes.

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Fixing Flipped or Reversed Web Images

on July 17, 2021

The tool of choice is mogrify which come from the imagemagic package on your linux platform.

I had one image that looked fine when I displayed it using display tools in linux but when placed into a webpage the image would be reversed.

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Python's all() function

on June 28, 2021

Python all() function Much of my coding efforts are directed towards analyzing financial data specifically targeting potential cash secured puts or covered calls. Recently, I had to refine some market overview displays. I needed a listing of the current market “gainers” and market “losers”. There is one site which I scrape using panda read_html function to grab a hadful of tables. My problem arises from two factors. One is there are no labels or titles to the tables and they can vary.

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Ready, Set, Code!

Recent code related posts on other website that piqued my interest

This link has a brief summary of apps or projects written in python that are fun, useful, or interesting.

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This is a great in-depth article/essay on asyncio/await/coroutines in python. Strap on your seat belt and brew a fresh pot.

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Curio - A Tutorial Introduction

Posted: April 21, 2019

Curio is a library for performing concurrent I/O using Python coroutines and the async/await syntax introduced in Python 3.5. Its programming model is based on existing system programming abstractions such as threads, sockets, files, locks, and queues.

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Robert Carter III

on July 31, 2021

I happened to see a post on social media that had a picture of a historical marker for Robert Carter of Norther Virginia. The more I learned about this event the more profoundly it struck me.

He was a very wealthy planter in the Northern Neck of Virginia with over 500 slaves. His wealth was inherited from his grandfather (at one time he owned over 1000 slaves but freed some of them while it was still legal to do so) who left large plots of land to his family. He became friends with and traveled overseas with George Washington’s half brother Lawrence who also was a prominent land holder. Robert Carter attended the College of William and Mary and studied law in England.

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Bronze Age Collapse

on July 21, 2021

Where did the cities go? What happen to written language? Is there any other time in history where such a dramatic change in civilization took place? Writing disappeared for centuries (approx 1200 BCE - 800 BCE) so we are unable to know for sure why pervasive devastation around the Mediterranean Sea took place.

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Attending to Persuasion

on July 19, 2021

Aristotle mentions these rheotrical methods:

  • Ethos: declare credibility
  • Pathos: emotional appeal
  • Logos:employing reason, logic

This post is a quick share of my appreciation for those who possess the skill to persuade. My respect for the acient Greeks is woven into the fabric here. I fall short of those who are gifted in this area.

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