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This link has been in my routine visit list for a while now. It consistently offers posts about philosophy and the collenction is consistently updated. Well worth your time to visit. There are links to many other interesting sites as well. Find it here »

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Robert Carter III

I happened to see a post on social media that had a picture of a historical marker for Robert Carter of Norther Virginia. The more I learned about this event the more profoundly it struck me.

He was a very wealthy planter in the Northern Neck of Virginia with over 500 slaves. His wealth was inherited from his grandfather (at one time he owned over 1000 slaves but freed some of them while it was still legal to do so) who left large plots of land to his family. He became friends with and traveled overseas with George Washington’s half brother Lawrence who also was a prominent land holder. Robert Carter attended the College of William and Mary and studied law in England.


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Bronze Age Collapse

Where did the cities go? What happen to written language? Is there any other time in history where such a dramatic change in civilization took place? Writing disappeared for centuries (approx 1200 BCE - 800 BCE) so we are unable to know for sure why pervasive devastation around the Mediterranean Sea took place. »

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Attending to Persuasion

Aristotle mentions these rheotrical methods:

  • Ethos: declare credibility
  • Pathos: emotional appeal
  • Logos:employing reason, logic

This post is a quick share of my appreciation for those who possess the skill to persuade. My respect for the acient Greeks is woven into the fabric here. I fall short of those who are gifted in this area.


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Social Trust Game

This is a very interesting game dealing with social trust, benfits of cooperation, damge of miscommunication, cheating etc. This helps us to understand why in the middle of WWI soldiers from both side stopped fighting on Christmas day… Try this game. If you are like me, you will get sucked in just to find out what the final conclusions are… only takes a few minutes of your valuable time: https://ncase.me/trust »

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HarvardX - free classes (if you audit them) These are awesome online classes. The first one that caught me was CS50 which is a tremendous in depth overview of Computer Science — really a very impressive class even if you are an old salt. Today I got an email about a new series of classes they are offering. The Shakespeare classes have pulled me in but I would love to take them all. »

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What Happend? The End of the Bronze Age

I frequently read history books or articles related to the origins of Western Civilization, primary Ancient Greece. You can’t read about Ancient Greece without understanding the entire Mediterranean. Recently, my fascination has focused on the collapse of the Bronze Age1, also known as the Greek Dark Ages. This reference (Greek Dark Age) is understating the situation dramatically as the destruction, poverty, and defensive conditions were pervasive across the entire Mediterranean. »

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Mural Joe

Artists who can paint bring light into my world. I have watched the “Mural Joe” series on YouTube for a few years now. I came across another one today and it reminded me of how good he is at explaining colors, light, and perspective. He does murals (or at least that is how his series started) but his principalsare transferable to anything style of paining. One of the first videos I watched depicted his work on a childrens room in a hospital with a pirate scene. »

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Amor Fati

The stoics of ancient Greece had an impact on many aspects of our lives. It influenced everything for Christian thought to contemporary self-help books. Today’s stoic thought revolves around “Amor Fati”, loosely defined as loving fate. This single philosophic perspective, practiced well, can change your heart and your life. »

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Musing amid Chaos


  • Being good, associating with good, and rationally accepting what is, reduces risk of peril and sets the stage for contentment.


  • Life is a series of structured chance encounters, each designed to speak to you.

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