The python3 collection of tools called gtoolz has been released and can be downloaded from github ... »

Fixing Flipped or Reversed Web Images

The tool of choice is mogrify which come from the imagemagic package on your linux platform. I had one image that looked fine when I display ... »

Author image Geoff McNamara

Python's all() function

Python all() function Much of my coding efforts are directed towards analyzing financial data specifically targeting potential cash secured puts or co ... »

Vim-Plug Quick Setup

I want you to try this .vimrc setup. I have had my own .vimrc for years. I recently came across ... »

Author image Geoff McNamara

Quick Note about fabric and pipenv

I have posted several articles about python fabric and yet I failed to warn you about the dangers of version and module chaos. Initially, fa ... »

Author image Geoff McNamara

Python fabric - Dynamically Discover Hosts

Python fabric is a library tool for executing ssh commands remotely and responding as you desire. I use python fabric for promoting code and web co ... »

Author image Geoff McNamara


VIM is a standard for me. My UNIX career hung on my “vi” savvy which I learned appreciate from mentors who encouraged me to learn the t ... »

Hugo and Fabric

Python Fabric is a denatured version of ansible and, if you enjoy python, fabric makes a small scale devops strategy a whole lot less painful. Comb ... »

Author image Geoff McNamara


I have wrestled with ansible for too long. It is an awesome tool but you need to learn the syntax of three different languages (ansible, yaml, and ... »

Author image Geoff McNamara

How this theme evolved

Announcing a new project: newspaper-hugo-subtheme First credit goes to Silke V at co ... »

Author image Geoff McNamara

Sorting IPs

I scan my home network frequently. There are a good number of smarthome devices, raspberry pies, phones, laptops, PCs etc. Using nmap to quickly sc ... »

Author image Geoff McNamara

Raspberry Pi and Xrdp

I decided to have some remote desktop fun with one of my raspberry pies. Remote desktop for the raspberry pi (or any linux machine) can be done so ... »

Sometimes It Is The Obvious

This was one of those “problems” that nagged me for many hours until the obvious dawned on me. I wrote a python script to grab the temp ... »

Always Use Visudo

“familiarity breeds contempt” I get very comfortable with using the vim editor (take cover&he ... »

Recursively Replace Text

Recently I had to do a find and replace text on multiple files recursively. I had to look up how to do it to remind myself of the exact syntax. If ... »