Education is learning rules, experience is learning the exceptions

I am a native of Northern Virginia, grew up there, and worked most of my life there. I had all advantages that come with the area including a good school system and a relatively resilient economy.

After attending George Mason University and facing a recession, I maneuvered my way into the Fairfax County Fire Department. I had a wonderful 25 year career with the Fire Service and built strong friendships with many good people. I had the opportunity to serve in many capacities while with the Fire Department. I continued attending college, studying a variety of subjects, one of which turned out to be my second career and passion - computers.

This journey of passion led me to become a UNIX system administrator and to my good fortune I worked for several great mentors. I worked with Blair Miller several times after my initial employment with him where he gave me my first chance to learn the skills to be a productive system administrator and he taught me invaluable lessons in all areas related to the IT world.

Many projects later, having worked with other great people, I had a healthy set of skills that allowed me to work with large corporations where I was challenged with challenging build outs designed to handle huge volumes of dynamic delivery content.

Teaching and coaching have always played a role in my career. There is a reward for me in developing the knowledge base and skills of others.

I am blessed with a beautiful wife and a loving family. I enjoy coding, building automation tools, guitar, sailing, reading, history, science, astronomy, theology, philosophy, finance, and a good craft beer or a glass of tannin rich red wine. Yes, the list on interests is long but ADHD has no limits. :)

I enjoy learning new skills and look forward to continuing to teach/coach others along the way.

or the less serious description:

I am but a poor itinerant circus performer and part time empty beer glass philosopher seeking the meaning of life and the ultimate truth. I continue to work on finding the singular unifying theory to quantum physics while solving all the anomalies of the universe. On the weekend, I like to relax with friends, enjoy an adult beverage, code, read about black holes, enjoy great guitarists. Would love to crew on a America’s Cup contender and paint a masterpiece but that may have to wait for my next life. I have an insatiable appetite for learning which sometimes finds eating and sleeping an obstruction to satisfying that desire.

Hence this blog...

Geoff McNamara

"Do not meddle in the affairs of wizards, for they are subtle and quick to anger.” J.R.R Tolkien

Elizabeth City, NC https://www.companionway.net